Journalist Sam Lahai has just been released on bail from his detention at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).The Kenema based journalist and Assistant Secretary General of the SLAJ East Regional Executive spent the weekend at the CID on the orders of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Rtd Major Sengu Koroma, for allegations of defamation.


Lahai's bail bond was strangely set at Le20 million and was released to the President of SLAJ, Kelvin Lewis, Public Affairs Secretary- Princess Gibson, and legal team comprising Joseph Egbenda Kapuwa Esq and Musa Mewa Esq.According to lawyers, the bail bond is ridiculous as the maximum fine for the (alleged) offence on conviction is Le1 million.In an earlier press release calling for the release of the detained journalist and an urgent repeal of criminal defamation laws, SLAJ notes that politicians continue to conspire with the police to use the criminal libel laws as a potent tool to cower journalists from holding them to public scrutiny."Their intention, we have come to realize, is not to rightly defend alleged infringement on their reputations but to just lock up journalists and ‘teach them a lesson’," the release further states.

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